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Feb 17, 2022
Los Angeles
Looking for part time work in Los Angeles. Mostly looking at weekends and nights. I have a full time job in tech but want to work on Cruisers if I can. I can help with social media and websites. Happy to help/consult with clients and business if needed. Prefer to learn on the job.

I am entry level in mechanical work but I will always be early and ask a lot of questions. I am collecting skills and money for an 80 series to work on myself one day.

In no rush. Appreciate you all.
I’m on the exact same boat, curious what opportunities you find. Bought a 60 series last year that is turning into a project, I need to learn basic mechanics still and sort of rushed into it, feels like I have ankle weights on and urgency to learn quick. Might have to sell her- take time to learn then pick up one down the road like you.


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