Wanted Looking for part for 1989 HJ61 Diesel - right hand drive

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Feb 21, 2011
Madison, WI
United States
My friend's 1989 HJ61 Diesel (RHD) needs a turbo sub pipe (part number : 1540768010). Does anyone know where this can be acquired? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Just following-up on this, is this part really not able to be obtained? Thanks for any responses.
This is the turbo combo oil feed and drain pipe between the turbo and the block. Shows discontinued new

Thanks, my buddy is hopefully getting a picture to share this week. Is used the only option and, if so, is there a better option than ebay? Any websites appreciated. Thanks again for the help!

contact this guy he is in process of having them reproduced

12ht water pips.PNG
Thanks so much for this lead. Much appreciated!

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