Looking for odd sliders...

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Nov 24, 2009
I took the running boards off of my 97 LX 450 and it looks tons better! My only issue is that the body seam under the doors is really ugly. I think it is called the rocker panel, but I'm not sure.

I would really like to find a decent looking slider that covers the seam, but doesn't extend down or beyond the door sill. Has anyone seen something like this?
Non functional and probably a damage multiplier, but could fab up some angle iron to "hide" the rocker.
I bent my pinch welds up where the slider legs attach to the frame and the sliders cover the pinchweld pretty well.
I still have about 1/2" to the rocker, you can barely see the pinchwelds behind the sliders.
All it took was a BFH on the weld and a little repaint and all is good.
Some might not agree with this method but it works for me.

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