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Jun 1, 2006
Port Coquitlam
Ok, so now I need an engine. There are a couple guys on bc4x4 and CL that have some higher mileage 22R engines in the $250-300 range. As a back up I can grab one of those. Ideally I still want a small diesel engine. Hopefully without having to replace the transmission, transfer, driveshafts, etc.
I can make a custom bell housing and new mounts if needed.
Now more than just ideas of what to put in there, I need an actual engine. So if anyone hears of a 2-3L or around that, diesel, mechanical (I don't want to deal with splicing computers into the mix), engine for around $1000, let me know. I want to run something that has been around a while. The budget will increase as I hopefully sell off some bits and pieces from the failed engines.
First ideas I can come up with would have to be the Mercedes, some of the smaller Isuzu diesels...none are for sale from what I've seen.
If anyone hears of anything, let me know.
A Mercedes 5cyl would be cool.

Someone on mud here makes an adapter for the Toyota pickup I believe
Can't sleep so did some searching...

Delica engine

Isuzu in Williams Lake

UD Truck in Kitsap WA

Another Delica on Island

It is very easy to find Delica engine parts in BC. Not sure how hard it would be to fit. UD (I think now owned by Volvo HD Equiptment) does not exist in Canada but easy to get parts in the US.
How reliable are the Delica engines? I know they are all over the place and I rarely see them for sale with blown motors.
Williams Lake is likely a bit too far for a drive, I know the Isuzu is a good engine though.
Of course buying another cat in a bag is not something I'm too keen on. If I can at least see it run that would be nice.
Just looked online quickly to see about UD engines. Depending on what he wants for the pump, might be not bad. Have to research a bit more for specs on it and I'd guess not many have experience with those engines.
Thanks John.

Edit, sent the US guy an email but I think that's a 6 cylinder engine, might be too big for what I need.
As for the Delicas, just had a quick read, if I can fin one out of a 3rd gen it would work, distribution style fuel injection, later on they changed to the common rail system so it would require a computer. If I can avoid that it would be best. Half the reason for going with a diesel in the first place is to eliminate electronics.

Well the local Delica is out, has engine trouble, that's why he has spare blocks for sale as well. Pass.
Waiting to hear back from the Island.
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The older Delica engines are quite reliable. My friend Laurent tends to do a fair number of heads on them. He says that the biggest problem is people pile 8 people into them plus their gear and try to drive it live their gas car up the hills. Most people who buy them have no clue as to how to drive a small diesel powered vehicle. I'll ask Laurent to keep an eye out. I know he also is working on an L engine (cracked head) in a van he has for himself. Not sure is it is a 2LTE or just a 2LT.

That UD truck engine is 6.9L (TD6.9). I didn't notice the size last night. It is a 6 cyl and is suppose to be about 30% bigger than the TD4.2. I could not find compression stats on it but 292 sounds low if it is an IDI engine.
Matt can i ask a question?...

why don't you just concentrate on finishing school, you will be done soon, this truck seems to be causing you a huge headache and it was only to be a temp thing till your done. take a break for a while, enjoy your time in school ( chase some women) and get the truck you want when you are finished?
the whole build thing is dragging on and in the end you will be dumping it all when school is over anyway? wasn't that the plan in the beginning?

just a question. hope its not offensive.

Not offensive, but since you asked:
I need a vehicle to actually drive around and get to school in, I also need a pickup for the side things I do and to haul around parts and occasional tools. By the time I actually finish school (spring of next year) I still will not be in a position to start working on the project truck because I still have no room for that size of the project where I currently am. So I am planning on buying a shop/house for that. Who knows when that is going to happen (planning right after if the connections line up). So in essence I need a fully working truck that is not a piece of s***, preferably diesel, and one that I can actually take camping when I find a free weekend one of these months.
As for girls, it's a stupid CADD course, in a campus that teaches all trades, the only women there are ones you can't get drunk enough to want to chase.

So, back on track, need an engine that doesn't suck.
The amount of work required to install a 3b is as follows:
if I keep the H55 and transfer case
-new engine mounts
-new transmission mount
-new driveshafts
-heavily upgraded suspension to handle an engine that weighs twice as much as a 22R and on an IFS with torsion bars that is a PIA.
If I don't keep the H55
-new engine mounts
-custom bellhousing
-flywheel/clutch/pilot bearing customization
-upgrade of front suspension

Or do a SAS.

All of the above are a large pain in the butt for an engine that has almost 600,000km, has tons of blow-by, needs a rebuild, has an H55 that is sloppy and requires a rebuild as well.

So in terms of logical cost vs reward, pass.

I will likely end up buying one of the 3 22R engines on CL, used, higher milage, for around $250 each. Run it until it dies, after 6 months-year, buy another. Until I find a diesel that is worth it and sell off some of this 2LT crap.
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Find a good running 22r for $500-1000 and call it done. Yes it will not be a diesel, but they are somewhat fuel efficient, reliable and you will have time to concentrate on other things. Like camping.
Buy a whole parts truck with a good motor ,do a swap and move on. Your lt starter fs.

He tried that with the 2LT... As u can see he didn't get very far
There's 1L engine with 178,000kms up for sale, in a vehicle, running. It's a 2.2L that's kind of gutless but was a lot more stable than it's newer versions.
With a turbo it should do the trick.
He's asking $1000, I can likely pick it up for $700 or maybe even less.
There's 1L engine with 178,000kms up for sale, in a vehicle, running. It's a 2.2L that's kind of gutless but was a lot more stable than it's newer versions.
With a turbo it should do the trick.
He's asking $1000, I can likely pick it up for $700 or maybe even less.

Compression check and cooling system pressure check would be two things at the top of my PPI. Run it for a good while to make sure it gets hot and make sure the coolant is stable and not overflowing the catch bottle. Basically the normal checks you would do to determine the head/head gasket condition.

Can you check diesel coolant for combustion gasses? That would be a dead ringer to see if the head is cracked.
and whatever you do, after you finish purchasing and pulling it, DO not pull the covers or the pan to look inside... repeat DO not... :D
HAHAHA! Yes! I agree, in this case, ignorance is bliss and I will blindly assume the stupid thing works fine if it passes the tests.

...of course I will install a turbo on it and likely take my brand new injection pump with the boost advance and install that on there as well :D

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