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Feb 24, 2010
Tomorrow morning I will be possibly buying a 1995 80

I need to know if this sounds like a dud and what to look for.
I did read the slee offroad purchase advise but would like more info based on this rig.

1995 80,blue, oxidexed hood (no biggie),leather stitching loose on fronts seats (normal).factory diff locks (sweet),new tires etc.
Female owned given to her by her dad. She said her dad and a mechanic friend rebuilt the motor 3 yrs ago. Has 280k orig miles.
I asked if theres any noises rattles etc and she said she gets a rattle sometimes it started after she got the brakes done ?.
280k seems like alot of miles but the price is right (below 4k)
Too many miles ? What should I inspect carefully ?
Input apreciated.
Ask what was done when the engine was rebuilt; was it mostly a headgasket replacement or more?? Check the condition of the oil and the antifreeze. Check to see that the lockers lock (lights go solid in instrument cluster); do it on a loose surface like gravel or grass. Check the condition/leakage of the front axle; some build up of grease is normal, gobs of goopy grease and gear oil leakage at the axle ends/steering knuckle is not. Ask when the front axle was serviced last (repacking the birfield CV joints and replacing the axle seals). Oil leaks at the front of the engine (oil pump cover) and rear main oil pan arch are common. 280K is not too many miles if most of the preventive maintenance has been done and it isn't full of rust IMHO.
That's alot of miles. Most of the 80's for sale in the classifieds here have under 200K.
For under $4k with lockers, buy it if it runs and isn't rusted. The only thing that would bother me is if the engine 'rattled' all the time. Sounds more like some metal part is vibrating, but pretty hard to tell from my house. I wouldn't worry about any of the PM for that price. For $8k I'd be checking all that stuff Kernal suggested.
Thanks guys
I will check the birfs and headgasket for leakage,test the lockers and hopefully find what the rattle is.
Maybe I can call her dad/mechanic and find out exacttly what was done to the motor.
Luckily its in sunny dry calif so rust should not be an issue.
I also have money reserved for maitenance if it not major.
Also have a appt to see a 93 with lockers etc with 211k orig miles in decent cond but im leaning towards the 95.

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