Looking for advice on my 1999 LX470

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Sep 28, 2012
Albuquerque NM
Hey guys, I've been a local Land Cruiser owner for a few years and heard about this club a while back.

I could use some advice on my 1999 lx470. If anyone lives in the Paseo and Wyoming area and is familiar with the front IFS on the 100 series and can stop by I'd be grateful.

I've slowly been buying suspension components for an install/ AHC dis-install coming up in a month but I'm not sure if I need a new steering rack, just the CV axles or a rebuild kit... Here is what I have so far:

4 Icon stage 1 shocks
OME torsion bars, TJM rear springs
Slee diff drop
SPC control arms

I think I'm going to just buy some Moog lower control arms, as my lower ball joint look a mess on passenger side. My CV's are leaking pretty damn good. I get a weird grinding sound from the front right tire/hub/cv area at low speeds.

What I really need is advice on what to buy for the install so I can do it all at once.... maybe I should just call Toyota and pay the labor for a good estimate on what's wrong?
I'm a 2 banana mechanic, but my 5 banana mechanic brother will be flying in to help with the install (I hope) in about a month.
Anyone in the area who knows their stuff have time? Free beers included!!! Wont take long!! 5 minutes to look at the truck and however much longer to drink the beers!
Thanks to anyone in advance.
I'm definitely no expert, but I did install the lift on my 100. I have several ratcheting wrenches to help with the rear shock install (however, I had the OME, so I'm not sure if they are the same size).

I'm not sure why you are looking at buying a steering rack? Are you having problems or leaks? They do not need to be replaced for the lift, however, if you are going to go to 35", it seems most have had to replace the steering rack, but only after experiencing a failure.

Also, I haven't replaced my CV joints as of yet, but was planning on proactively doing it sometime in late summer/fall. If it wasn't for the sound, you can just re-boot the cv axle, as they often come loose.
Thanks for the reply slimbuddha!

So maybe I am just overthinking it all.. I think the grinding noise I'm hearing is either a bad hub bearing or bad CV.
I think I will go ahead and just order the new CV's from Nitro. they are $160 each side.. new tie rod ends that attach to the CV's, as those bushings look shot too.

I guess I'm just looking for someone to stop by to confirm there isn't an easier path or that I might need something else
Thanks, I appreciate the help.

I'm knee deep in front CV, Hub, Bearing & Seals swap project on the V8 4Runner, which I think is similar to the older Hundies. If you want to come by and see this mess before I put it all back together, let me know. I'll hold off putting things back together if you want to check things out. I live in Tijeras.

As a general rule, bad CVs produces noise while you're turning and rolling at the same time. They sound more like bangling/clanging and the noise can be manipulated by turning the steering wheel right/left while moving forward. Often times turning hard right/left while moving forward/reverse can produce the sound as well.

Grinding sound usually comes out of bearings and the sound can be manipulated while going forward at a good rate of speed and turning at the same time. In my case, the front pass hub bearing was going south and noise would get louder while turning to the left at hwy speeds but get quieter when turning to the right.

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