Looking for a Shop / Lead Mech. Help.

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Feb 28, 2007
TN/GA Line

Any LC friendly shops in NW Georgia above the Big City? Looking for somewhere to help ( pay of course ) for some help on my 80. Picking up a new elocker axle assembly this week and would like a hand putting it on and later wiring it up through the factory harness , ecu, and switch.

I sold my house with great shop a couple of years ago and now that I have more land - I have no shop! Need to stay close to home as the :princess: is getting near term.

Would think that north of Cartersville to north side of Chattanooga would be good. Someplace, I could help would be appreciated too. Or, sitting back and watching will work too. I only have so many Ben Franklins at a time. :beer::beer::beer::beer:
The boys over at ACC are great, but their shop is inside 285 in Scottsdale.


I know it. Maybe someone in NW Georgia has a shop and will chime in. No issues against anyone inside the loop but I don't want to be in pieces that far away from home if something happens.
The next closest shop that appears to meet your interest in NW Georgia is Steve Brown's shop near Chattanooga:

(business data from TLCA business directory)
Steve's Off Road
10710 Dallas Hollow Rd.
Soddy-Dasiy, TN, U.S.A. 37379
Fax: 423-332-8314

New & Used Parts, Repairs, Power Steering, Performance, Suspension Kits Furnished & Installed, Custom Bumpers Made & Installed, Differential Lockers Furnished & Installed.

Also in the metro area is Peter Merriam:

Merriam Automotive
3568 Buford Hwy
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 814-7516

cell# 404-759-6676

It has been years since I took my truck up to Steve's shop and Peter has only been recommended to me (never had an opportunity/need yet to test his services).

Good luck
Hey, Thanks for the post. I've gotten an offer for help and may go that route.

Thanks a lot.


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