Wanted Looking for a clean FJ60 or FJ62 with an LS/Vortec conversion

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  1. 60 Series
I'm looking for a clean FJ60 or FJ62 conversion out there. Yeah I know - so is everyone else! No preference on auto or stick. Would prefer a newer 5.3 or 6.0 motor. No preference on iron or aluminum. Not looking for a 350 though.

I currently have a 1988 FJ62 that I love, but that 3FE is hurting with 33's and a 2" OME list. Pic below. I have about 230k miles and it runs strong. I've looked at shop conversions and can't swing 25-40k for the conversion right now. Not sure I wanna undertake a conversion myself. Almost thinking that keeping my 62 and just buying a clean conversion is the way to go.

Watching Jack Carr's FJ62 on "The Terminal List" recently with that sweet corvette engine made me wanna revisit a converted cruiser or a repower.

Appreciate any leads you all may have. Thanks


Jun 3, 2018
@cruisermatt does some nice LS conversions. I don't think they are anywhere near the pricing you are talking about. I won't speak for him here on that but prolly worth a look. In Florida I believe but maybe reach out to him. HTH.
Thank you! I just reached out to him. Much appreciated.

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