looking for a business close to the Canada U.S. border to recieve a metal tech cage

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Feb 8, 2004
Cloverdale B.C. Canada
United States
just curious if anybody has a business adress close to bellingham or Blaine .where i could get a metaltech cage delivered to, so i can drive down from Canada and pick it up .i live 5 mins from the U.S. /Canada truck border crossing.

any info or suggestions would be great

Not sure if I'm too far away, but I'll take it for you, if you want.

edit: I see I'm a longggggggggg way away. You might crosspost in Chat.
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I got a cousin in Olympia / Tacoma area. Not a cruiser guy yet as he thinks his K5 with BB504 is an okay ride. He'd help.

Does a great job building race engines.
thanks for the reply guys i'm still working on it ,there might be a business in blaine that will recieve it for a small fee. but not sure yet . so far i may have to drive down to seattle to pick it up ,if so then i may get tempted just to go all the way to oregon and make it a mini getaway with the wife.:doh:


Hi, I don't have a business but I've got a garage in north seattle and my wife is always home to sign for stuff. Let me know.
I'm in Bellingham, I would have to ask my boss if it's cool, so we'll see, PM me the details

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