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May 25, 2009
Topeka, Kansas
I’m looking at buying a 95 Toyota SURF with the 1KZTE turbo motor. It’s a very clean vehicle just imported from Japan.
I have had no experience with Toyota diesel motors so I wouldn’t know exactly what to look for and check on it if I were to take the plunge. I do worry about parts availability if there were to be an issue down the road. Seller says has a very light vibration at 900 rpm, and states a set of injectors may be the fix to that.

Any info on these drivetrains would be appreciated!

Mar 3, 2012
Adelaide, South Australia
Ugh I had one of these.. heads are prone to cracking and the costs are prohibitive if they are cracked. The auto transmission ECUs are prone to having the electrolytic caps dry out and it causes shifting issues. If you do get it make sure the Steering Relay Rod has been replaced with the updated version, if not they are a death trap.

Aside from the great looking style I have nothing good to say about them.

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