Looking at add-a-leafs and wanted your thoughts

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Feb 11, 2004
Big D
My 90' FJ62 is sitting pretty flat and after some wheeling at the round-up i know i need to do something about the suspension. I am looking at adding some MAF add-a-leafs, new u-bolts, bushings, new shocks and greasable stock lenth shackles...will this improve my ride? I have done a search on this but couldn't find anything that stated how well a setup like that road. I am looking at going to the Ramble in June and wanted to have this on before then.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Short or long MAF add-a-leafs?

Thanks guys,

Hmm, if youre looking to get a little lift id go ahead and buy a pair of over-stock length anti-inversion shackles. It will give you a little more lift, if you ever want to upgrade to new lift springs youll probably need longer shackes anyways, and if you keep it reasonable it wont mess up anything. I ran 2 inch over stock shackles with stock springs for a little while, i put a 4 degree shim to correct the castor and it tracked straight and true.

And as far as long or short i dont have personal experience but the consensus seems to be long is the only way to go to keep any modicum of a good ride.

I ran some in a vehicle other than a crusier. They were all I needed, they definitly stiffened the rear suspension. I drove the vehicle daily for years, and the add-aleafs over time flattened out, especially with added weight from buddies, new rear bumper, and just stuff, plan ahead and figure out what you will be hauling.
I do not think a shackle lift is what you should get. The add-a-leafs will stiffen your ride up considerably and your kidneys will hate you, the shackle lift would just be a band-aid in your sagging problem, in a way so is the add-a-leafs.... What about just getting an extra leaf from another stock cruiser pack, or get another set of leaves. new bushings will give you a better ride, new u-bolts will just give you ease of mind.
The only right solution is the right solution... and that is a proper lift.

Either fork up the cash or settle for something that won't make you, or the truck happy.

Those ideas are just bandaids. Do it right. $$Bling :flipoff2:
i must disagree with some of you..

i'm SOA on my 60 with stock springs, added the MAF long AAL gave me 4" of lift over stock springs.
the long aal's are what you want.
the ride is soft, they flex very well.
it's the short aal's that will give you a harsh ride.

full length AAL'S trail proven,and mother approved :D
another vote for longs ones. Add a Leaf with greasable pins and shackles definatly improve your ride .. for sure ..

I thought prior to buy my suspension I replace one leave with add a leaf .. great for me ..

just my 2 cents ..
is it better to replace one spring with the add-a-leaf or just add another add-a-leaf to the pack?
i have a similar question: i bought ome medium duty rear and heavy duty front springs and shackles but when they were installed (by who i bought them from) my fj60 looked ridiculous...way too high in the back (like 5 inches or more higher than front). i should add i got a big ole arb bumper and warn 12000 winch in front, hence the heavy duties up there.

so i took it back and said what can you do. after reportedly conversing with arb about it they took out two leaves in the back (the two smallest ones). now the truck sat more or less flat, a little higher in the back but quite acceptable.

then i loaded it up and went to south utah for awhile. while i was there i though it was sitting a bit low in the back, but not to bad for being full of equipment etc.

later a mechanic friend of mine noted that the rear springs looked too flat, he thought they didnt have the proper arc. now mind you this guy isnt 100% hes given me some dubious advice in the past so typically i take what he says with a large grain of salt. however, looking at the springs they dont seem to have a robust arc, but it appears the same on both sides and ive had them looked at by the shop that installed them and they say they look fine.

so what do you think? are the two shortest leafs of some special significance? should i have one or both put back in? was it a cardinal sin to take them out? as far as i can tell the car rides fine and i didnt have any trouble on the trail, but my buddys comments have been bothering me ever since. maybe you guys know something in particular about ome springs like you shouldnt separate the leaf packs or something?

by the way its nice to find this place!

and did andy kauffman like "reggea"?

one love
jah bill
jb welda

I have the same problem..and would like to know the appropriate solution.

Will add pic
I am not looking for a lift but more like putting my truck back at stock height. T
Add-a-leafs are fine. They will acomplish exactly what you want. I have them in both my wagons. You absolutley want the long add-a-leafs for both the front and back. Long Add-a-leafs will stiffen the ride, but the short add-a-leafs will kill your back.

I went with MAF's add-a-leafs. They're reasonably priced, and they come with longer center pins.

Just installed my Add A Leaves in my 83 fj60

Hi all I'm a newbie here.
I just did this to my newly bought (03/07) 1983 Fj-60. It sat at 30.5" in the rear & 32.5" in the front before the Installation of the long AAL's.
After Installing MAF's AAL in the rear the measurement was 34".
I installed 2.5" lift shackles & poly bushings & the rear is at 35" with the 235/75-15 tires. I need to replace the shocks now to get back full suspension articulation.
The AAL is placed as the 3rd spring in the pack right under the military wrap spring. The hardest part was removing the OEM shackles after 20+ years of Colorado winters.
I'm 1/2 way through the front AAL install & I'll post the results Soon.
Ordering 31X10.5 Yokohama Geolander AT+2 tires on stock rollers for this rig & then.........
Bumper, Winch, Lockers.........
:cheers: ,
Nor-Cal Dave.
Lost Coast
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I went the add a leaf route when I first got my '87 some 15 odd years ago. I went to a local suspension shop, they rearched everything, added a long leaf in the rear and all has been well until...15 some odd years later. Now they are running a bit flat and flatter under a heavy packed load. I am now looking at the Dakkar lifet for a more long term solution that should be good for another 30+ years .......long story short....long add a leafs do work for a bargain price.
I'm not a fan of "Add a Leafs". I did that on my truck when it was getting saggy and a year after when the main arc snapped I looked and found that the ends of the shorter leaves had worn into the longer ones (basically my springs were worn out). The "Add a Leaf" just postponed the inevitable.
Before you go that route examine your springs closely and if they are worn I'd replace the whole pack.

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