look who won @ hollister

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Feb 5, 2003
Big Jim won the grand prize ( Snap-on tool box ?? ) He was so happy ,I would have taken it home for him , but ? as you can see he got it home ! We had a great time ,Lots of fun & (mararigatas?) were was peesalot? see you all again @ Rubithon 2009 ?
Nicely done Big Jim. Thanks for sharing 55 guy. How was the event turnout??

Was there much mud?

Cindy and I would have attended this year but our daughters prom was Saturday and we simply could not leave home with all those shananigans going on.

Yes, see you bumbs at Rubithon, if not sooner.
Not a big turnout, about 190 rigs, a lot less rowdy
Weather had a lot to do with it, Windy and cold,

I hit big at the Raffle, a pair of Cool Cruiser mirrors, Arms ,
a high lift Jack Smitty Built, and the Big Red Tool Box,
Snap-On, $ 2495.00 on line price, Sorry I won't be donating
that to the Swap Meet maybe the Jack its only a 52"
See you all at Fun Day on the 16th of May,
I am around. Just had some of my daughters events that we were gonna pass on for Hollister ( even cost me 200) but she ended up wanting to do her events so we stayed home and got them done. I did get about 3 lbs of abalone tho.
I have given up on planning trips. From now on I am on a last minute type basis because with the family it always seems I get trumped.
I finally won the PMC $100 raffle, we had right at 8 members in attendance. The money will come in handy due to Kathy and I rolling our cruiser over on the trail. Kathy got banged up pretty good but the hospital said she didn't have anything broken. We both feel like we got beat up. It went high and landed flat on the front hood and the roll bar and then shot back up and landed on it's wheels in a V-crack taking out both front fenders
Things Happen-
Tim that sucks hope she is feeling better. Glad to here the Dr's said there was nothing serious.
I had heard there were a few rolls at the event. Were you following Eric?
sorry to hear this news Tim! Sounds like a hard roll. We're glad you're all in one piece.

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