Location of throttle cable / kickdown cable on 3Fe???

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Aug 15, 2007
30°54'01.53N / 84°04'56.04W
Can anyone show me with picture or describe in detail the location of the throttle cable adjustment on a '92 3Fe? I seriously need to adjust it to help my shift points, but before I start adjusting cables, want to make sure Im adjusting the correct thing. :eek:

they are both mounted on the backside of the throttle body. on mine the throttle cable comes from a box on the passenger fender and the kickdown cable goes down to the transmission. it doesn't take much to adjust the kickdown.
Under the hood, in the center by the firewall attached to the throttle body.
If anyone has a pic of it I would like do the adjustment also.
The easiest way to figure this out is by removing the only phillips head screw on the cruise control cover and take it off. Look at all the cables, to and fro, then take up the slack. Then procede with the aforementioned. Every adjustment is 12mm, IIRC.

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