Local 70?

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May 18, 2008
Tucson, AZ
Coming back from Chimney Rock yesterday I spotted a diesel 70 series troopy on the road. Couldn't catch up because of traffic, and couldn't get a picture because I was too stunned to think about it. It was two toned - white and mint green. Anyone know anything about it? I'm guessing it's just passing through.

Almost as good as the mostly naked chick on the trail...

Actually, I see naked chicks more often, so better.:grinpimp:
If that is the guy I met in Oracle, he is a wildlands FF for the forest dept. And he does frequent mud.
I have seen that two tone 70 in town twice before, havent met the guy though
I cant believe I drove past those kids with the almost naked chick in passenger seat and didn't look...they were going so slow I should have know the dude was getting a hummer..or hand jobby:lol:

DUDE a 70 in Tucson...thats better than a 62 series diesel from CO:lol:

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