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Mar 20, 2021
Hello guys! Virgin here in this forum haha. Been following and reading for quite awhile now. Finally got my first LJ79, its a 1994 model. Comes with a 2.8L Diesel engine but the previous owner stuffed a turbo on it. Now there's some kinda engine oil leak coming out from the back left adapter/hose of the engine head. The leak can be quite severe at times.

Prior to purchasing this specific car, I have already had a plan to restore and possibly convert the engine. Now, the best choice that I was given is to go with is the half cut of a KZJ70 series. To be honest, the price for it over here in Malaysia is pretty ridiculous now (and very hard to find) hence, why I thought that maybe stuffing a more modern and efficient engine might help.

I'm wondering if something like this has been done before and what are the modifications I will need to look into? Also, I would love to maintain the original dash from the LJ79 and if so, will there be any complications with the wire harness from the 1kd. Cheers guys!
Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
If its a KZJ70 it will have a 1KZ T or TE. A bit less power , but easier electronics
The 1KD FTV didnt come out till the last of the 90 series. But anyway, I would do your questions and build up on the diesel forum.

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