lights - little changes make a big diff

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Jul 12, 2003
Like many of you, I've noticed the weak electrical output of my fj60. I installed e-code headlights, nice improvement. I recommend it.

This weekend I installed an upgraded headlight harness that I purchased from Slee Off-Road. Headlights work better, as expected...but that's not all. ALL OF MY ELECTRICAL system works better. I'm not an electrical engineer (I majored in philosophy) but I think this makes sense. The voltage drop to the headlights is eliminated, this means that the entire system runs at a higher voltage...thus all lights/wipers/fan work better. (More educated explanations welcome!)

I installed the wiring harness so that I could run higher wattage bulbs, but the improvement in my overall electical system is easily worth the effort. With the stock harness, with lights on, my volt meter was around 12 - 12.5, as long as I was over 1200 rpm. With the new harness, I'm at 12.5 volts at idle, and at 13.5 volts over 1200 rpm. Essentially the harness gives me an extra volt - a big percentage improvement.

Looking at the truck from 30 feet away, it's obvious that all the lights are brighter with the new harness installed. This seems like a good thing Martha...

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