Liftgate project

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Mar 15, 2005
on stage
I preferred the clam shell design of the fj60 so when my rear window quit going up and down I decided to experiment with some lift gate mockups. This is my first attempt. It's not super pretty but it works and is lockable. I used some 1/4 plexiglas. It's lightweight and relatively cheap. I want to get a piece of auto safety glass professionally cut.

Phase one complete
Now to apply tinting , tighten the weather seals and install lift struts.

I want the final product to fit snug in the inset of the removable top.


the rear window motors are cheap, those corners of your mock up are going to let the weather in if you live in the cold like I do..

I'm not done. I will have it sealed pretty well. I am doing it mainly for the clam shell. I just don't care for the rear sliding window.

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