Liberty on 5\9\09

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Nov 25, 2007
Divide, Colorado
Luke, Mike and myself made a trip to Penrose on 5/9/09. Not many picture to share but here are a few worth posting.
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We ran Liberty down to the water fall then turned around. It was after 4pm at that point and a Toyota mini truck was broken down in front of us with a nice Samurai buggy trying to pull him out. It didn't take long for the Samurai to endup with a broken transfer case and another buggy to arrive to pull him out.

Between the three of us we ened up with a few scratchs and dings but we drove back out and home again.

Besides Luke, Mike and myself we saw three buggies and two other trucks on the trail. Only one of them made it out without damage and being towed.

I have to do that again!
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That's chuck and myself righting a rolled buggy at the end of the patriot exit. the buggy was driven by Dana from The Bronco Hut. I personally gave him about a 60 percent chance of making it to the top.

Dana stopped at the bottom, sucked both front and rear axles down and went for the top. His engine sounded like it belonged in a nascar race vehicle, but all that did was give him more momentum for the roll, lol. He went over backwards, then spun on his tail and ended up flopping on the passenger side with a barrel roll to his lid, his wife was very calm about the whole thing watching from the sideline--mine would not have been so composed.

Chuck came in for the rescue with the first winch, but we couldn't get him turned back to the trail. I came in with the second winch, and we got him spun around and backed down safely.

The bronco was pretty battered and had an engine full of oil, we loaned him some tools to get the spark plugs out, and some oil to put back in the motor. After him grumbling something about having to put quaker state oil in with his royal purple, he got it fired back up and we winched him to the top.

That was almost more fun that battering my own rig.

The rest of the day was awesome, the temperature was mild compared to last time I was out. There was the usual brokedown rigs trying to get off the trail, with us pushing past to make it further to our own doom. Things turned out well though, Chuck re-shaped his passenger front fender, and lost his driver side maker light--Mike re-located his passenger side rock slider--and I also smacked my passenger side rock slider into the cab on the same rock and accquired a nice gash in my right rear tire.(I'm really hoping it still holds air) I think all of us had some grinding of hard parts underneath and rock rash to show for it--but we were some of the only rigs to roll out on our own that day. Ahhhh, that was fun!!!
hilarious......I've never been a big believer in synthetics, so that makes me laugh even more for people spending damn near $10 a quart for the stuff.

I come from mud country, and most people don't run synthetics because they absorb and mix with water. you could have a diff contaminated with water and not even know it, and if you dunked your diff or tranny, you can wait a while and the oil will float to the top allowing you to drain out the water until you see oil again. funny.
Nice, Toyota's to the rescue.

Who runs Patriot by themselves? That Exit is getting worse every year, what a nasty spot that rig was in!

Ive watched tube buggies Break, and Roll there, then a Beat up Toy Pickup walk it the next rig in line!

You guys wanna run Patriot now?
Trevor is alive!

I think my 60 would need to go on serious diet before it could handle the climb.
funny thing is, probably the best way to put our rigs on a diet is to lose some sheet metal....and I'm sure the patriot exit could help out with that sheet metal removal!

I was cleaning out my rig after this trip and noticed my fender was stuck out about 3/4 of an inch from the passenger door when looking down the body line. seems the rock slider pushed it up from the bottom, guess my damage was worse than i thought!! At least my rear tire still holds air........
he he, and you guys ran the Easy Trail ;)

The Exit is easy.. Winch it! The Rest of the Trail is where your sheet metal can suffer, especially the 3rd drop will take your fender/Door/Quarter panel every time!

there is a reason everyone has tow rigs when they run that trail..
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