Parting Out Lehi, Utah 1999 Green Landcruiser FOR USED PARTS! (other 1998 & 1999 also available) (1 Viewer)

Dec 12, 2019
Lehi, Utah
I don't normally post my parts here ( and Hollander are what wrecking yards use to share and locate) but we have been parting out several 80 & 100 series and want to help you guys find parts. I plan on doing an 80's thread of the stuff that we have soon We have been tearing apart Japanese vehicle for 32 years and cruisers, are our passion. Google search Japanese Auto Parts & Wrecking for more on our bio. We know that you are looking for hard to find parts and will do our best, but we can't just pull a clip, or find the screw that holds the handle on the ________. There is $15 min. charge per part, unless negotiated otherwise and there are truly too many to list here. We ship daily but please understand shipping can be VERY expensive based on size, weight and distance AND IT WILL BE AN ADDISTIONAL CHARGE. We put a 90 day warranty on our parts so that you can have the peace of mind while out enjoying your rig. Also, please email for quicker a quicker response, unless it is after hours and then we will get back to you during regular business hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Also, call 801-768-4424.

1999 GREEN LC just arrived yesterday. 240K but the engine sounds fantastic, even when started in very cold temps. The mechanical problems with this one are the ABS pump and bad AC compressor. Body wise, the right quarter panel has a good amount of bondo and it is now cracking. There are a couple of little dents and scratches on the bumper covers and front fenders but for the most part the condition of this vehicle is very good as it has been well maintained.
Front Headlamps $175 ea. Frt Grille $125. Front filler panel below headlamps $75. Front bumper (scratches and less fog lights) $175. Right marker light $50. Left Marker (water condensing) $35. Lt and Rt Plastic inner fenders $35ea. Clean hood, only 2 sm dents and clean from rock chips $250. Left fender $120 Right fender $85. Lower metal engine cover (rusty) $75 Plastic lower engine cover $75. Front door shells w mldg $250ea . Lt and Rt door mirrors $95 ea. Outer door handles $40 ea. Rear door shells w mldg $225 ea. Complete roof rack (needs to be repainted, faded) $150. Lt and Rt Rear Qtr mounted taillamps $75 ea. Rear upper hatch Assy. with glass and spoiler $400. Lower Hatch Assy with taillamps $275. Power door latches $65 e. Seat belts $55 ea. Right front Seat $200 Left front seat $175. 4 rear seats $125 ea. Console lid-good leather missing small bottom latch $75. Lt and Rt airbags $100ea. inner door panels $75 ea. Glove box $40. 1999-2002 Temperature control unit (tested) $150. Left master window switch $75. Headlamp switch $65. Speedometer $75. Left main sun visor $45. Secondary $25. Right main visor $45. Secondary $25. Air cleaner box $100. Intake hose $40. Air resonator w/ports $35. Thottle body $175. Engine Assy (runs great, no smoke, noise or consumtion $750. Transmission $700. Transfer case $350. Drive lines $100 ea. Rear axle assy with elec. locking diff AND switch with attached jumper harness $950. Also, I have an elec. locking axle that I am parting out. Rear elec. drop out diff. (with motor) $450. Rear axle shafts with backing plates $150 ea. Bare rear locking housing $350. Front steering knuckles $175 ea. Frt lwr control arms $75 ea. 16 alloy wheels (no center caps) $85 ea. Engine computer $100. Coolant overflow $25. Washer reservoir $40. Ac condenser $90. Fan Shroud $50. AC fan $60. I have another good ac compressor $125. Alternator $65.

In addition to this GREEN LC, we are parting 2 other 100 series that are BLACK and WHITE exteriors and TAN interiors. Neither have much in the way of front end parts or lights, but still have lots of great parts.

So there is my attempt to list some of the more popular and larger parts available. For more inquiries email or
call 801-768-4424. This is a special place to visit so PLEASE schedule ahead of time if you plan to come in and you may be accompanied into the yard. Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. CLOSED WEEKENDS. Japanese Auto Parts, Inc 2501 N 1200 LEHI UT 84043

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Feb 26, 2018
I've enjoyed pulling parts from the Land Crusiers at Japanese Auto Parts (LC Parts Yard).

Steve has always been fair and kind and while I'm sad to share parts with others, I'm excited to see these cruisers giving more life to others.
Jun 24, 2009
I'll take the entire HVAC / audio bezel and as much harness from that as you can pull.
Dec 10, 2003
Richmond, VA
I’m also interested in a manual hvac control with harness with surrounding bezel if you have a second one in stock. I prefer the darker wood grain.
Jan 18, 2020
Please contact me 3177097872 I'm interested on the hood, diver fender, driver headlamp and driver corner light, ground ship to Indiana 46032. Thanks

I'm also looking for a ARB front bumper or simiar.

My vehicle is 2004 Land cruiser.


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