LED aux lighting (Soltek Led lights)

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Apr 21, 2004
San Diego, CA
I just thought i would make a post giving a little review of the Soltek LED lights.

Well, you guys have all seen them, but nobody seems to have any shots of them. So I picked some up to test out and to show you guys whats up in the LED lighting world.
As you can see these lights are built very well. The casing is made from durable aluminum and the LEDs are epoxyed to keep them sealed from water. These lights are 50w each which puts them 5watts under what most aux lighting runs at (standard is 55w) So these lights will also draw less amps from your car helping out already low amp alternators.

Front shot


Cooling fins to keep the 18LEDs cool


Picture of a Hella FF1000 and the Soltek LED light. Notice how much more white and brighter the LED light is.


With both LED lights on, you get a very nice light spread. Since the lights are rectangle in size they give a nice rectangle light pattern. Where as a normal light has a circle pattern this LED pattern is very usable. The pattern of these lights are Driving, Soltek also has different patterns available, (Spot, Driving, Cornering and Flod/Work) These patterns are available via different covers for the lights, so you don’t have to keep buying different lights to get the different patterns. The extra lenses covers retail for around 20 bucks a set ($9.95 each). At a 100yds you have a very large pattern that is bright white. These are some of the brightest lights I have ever had on my car (have had hella 500s, FF500s, FF1000s, 550s)


The same exposure but this time with Just the FF500 lights. Notice that you get a very narrow beam pattern. The effective range is also not as far as the LEDs
Now, some of you guys are thinking that sure these lights kicks ass, they should for the price. But they are worth every penny. I think just one of these lights is better than all four of my lights on my old setup (2 FF100s, 2FF500s) I am tempted to just run one LED light and get rid of all the others as I just don’t see a reason to keep them. These lights are also perfect for a supplement High beam light. Where as HIDs don’t like to be turned on and off quickly the LEDs have no issues with this at all. When you turn these on there is no warm up, it’s just on or off.

More Features.
5000 Kelvin temperature for natural white color
- Weighs only 4 pounds 3 ounces
- Uparalleled vibration and shock resistance
- Dimensions: 8.46" wide and 4.9" tall
- Light mounts easily with one bolt
- Easy wiring, only one hot and one ground to connect
- Patented "Aim-N-Go" feature allows for tool-less light adjustment
- Replaceable built-in rock guards protect anything you can throw at them
- Rock guards also control the optics, which means you can easily go from one pattern to another.

If you are in the market for some new aux lights for your car give these guys a ring.

These are some of the best built lights I have ever had the privilege to have on my car, Hands down.

Check out Baja Designs, Dual Sport Kits, Dual Sport, Lighting, Motorcycle, Trucks, Prerunners, Offroad to order. Or shoot the Chris (Soltek Lighting) a email Chris@bajadesigns.com

(yea yea yea, sorry for pics of these installed on a car and not a truck :D trying to finish my bumper for my runner so i can install these :D )
a few more pics of them installed

and no, my bar is not bending from the weight of these lights. :D I put a slight bend in the end bars so the FF1000s that i had on there sat just a little lower to help air flow into the radiator.

you sure posted this same thread all over the internet. They better be good for $450 clams.

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