Leaf Spring Suspension

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Nov 23, 2011
Flagstaff AZ
I am banging my head against the wall trying to find someone who carry's a 3 1/2 to 4" Leaf spring suspension lift for my troopy ?, nobody I have contacted can help!. Is there anyone who has lifted there troopy with spring's other than with a spring over, can anyone help me before I go unconscious:bang:
Well to get a 3" get two inch raised springs and extended shackles
I thought of that but cant even find a 2 1/2 spring lift, Heck I cant even find springs for a LWB
Only over the counter lift I know of is OME. Otherwise, you can get custom lift springs made by Alcan or others.
I bought ome 2.5's for mine. Coupled with 255 / 33's, I think it was just the right combo. I you want taller and bigger tires, you should consider soa. From everything I've read on mud, people confirm that the ride quality is superior than trying to go tall with a sua setup.

If you don't mind me asking do you know what the measurement is from the ground to the running boards?
and i notice that you have a diesel 47lwb , Looks good would you go with a shackle reverse in the front? for off road? or does it even matter? i have an HJ45 witch i found out it was not possible or was not worth rebuilding. So I guess a V8
Sorry, I sold this rig a few years ago.

Again, you're just going to have to read through a few threads to get an idea of what might be right for you.... I've never gone shackle reversal so...

And if you're referring to your H diesel: I know that the two troopies I owned had the 2H and they were Slow. A little better off-road, but underpowered IMO. Maybe look into an OM617 instead of rebuilding your H. I believe that there is an adapter (Luke's) that'll mate the 617 to your H41 tranny.

Keep us posted... Better yet, start a thread with pics. The guys on here won't steer you wrong! ;)
I got seven good hard wheeling years out of my Alcans before I snapped a main leaf. Now I'm running Ironman on the rear. I don't think they're available in the states any more.

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