Late model 70 series receiver hitch

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Sep 26, 2017
Midway, ky
Hey guys. Anybody able to point me in the right direction here?
Looking for a (hopefully) bolt on receiver hitch for a 2016 70 series troopy. I am unable to find details online. I have tried Google and mud's search.
I built a trailer that is going to West Africa and the Troopy thats to be used to pull it doesn't have a hitch either. Everything there has to be shipped in. And I am in KY so not able to try it out. Just trying to make sure I get the right stuff on the first try!
i have one for a 90 if that helps, big ol chunk of iron that needs a home, if they match, its yours
Thanks for the offer! I have no idea if they are compatible!
Thanks for the ideas. I have not found someone who will ship to the US.
Anybody know if they are similar to any Usdm model, just close enough to be modified slightly. Not afraid to drill new holes.
Or can any of our Canadian brothers source one?
Tried an ARB stockist?

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