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Dec 29, 2002
Walnut Creek, CA
WHat about putting together an email list of members to get land use info out. Occasionally there is a need for letters to be written in support of or against issues or bills. If we could email this out, perhaps with a draft letter, this could be a useful tool for our club. Currently I am getting info from Dels site, Pirate and Blue Ribbon, but only when I check.
Just a thought.
Do we have a email list of members?
Dave Thomas
Dec 23, 2002
good idea Dave...

but truthfully the notifications from sites you listed is really the best avenue.

Ideally our new land use chair will be more proactive about getting this info out and even include letters for signature and mailing in the PMC Newsletter.

Also, you are welcomed and encouraged to submit info for the newsletter about land use/access issues you feel are important. If you submit it, we'll print it.

Our email list is sporatic. We had many members update info at the October mtg but will call for email addy updates soon. I too would like to see that used more but it also takes upkeep and maint.

thanks for sharing! Just adding my opinion. please bring it up at the Jan. Mtg.


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