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Timbo FJ45

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Sep 17, 2007
New Mexico
We’re taking the high road to end 2020 with a 20% off sale on selected items. Just enter code “2020” to get 20% off any Sackwear apparel or patch item. Sale ends 12/24/20 at midnight, Mountain Standard Time. Happy holidays from all of us – and here’s to better adventures in 2021.
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Jan 27, 2006
Happy Valley, OR
FJ25 t-shirt I just finished.

Here is a new shirt I added to the collection of Cruiser shirts.
I placed the order with the printer today and should be able to ship to anyone interested in about 4 weeks. I set it up online to pre order if you want.
Hope you like it. Cheers

Here is the link:
SackWear T-Shirts - Shirts for people - Get your cool t-shirts or funny shirts!
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Tim, what's the back-story behind this t-shirt? Just curious, as I lived a couple of years in Peru when I was a kid. I know this t-shirt came out a long time ago, but I just went to your website and you only have them available in small. Any chance that you'll have this t-shirt reprinted, or are they a strickly a "one-time" deal? Joel
Jul 9, 2020
Sedalia, Colorado
Be aware that the most inexpensive shipping option is two day USPS, $12.99 if I remember correctly. I ordered two shirts on Wednesday, May 19 and they weren’t shipped until yesterday, May 24th. So, three week days to process the order before it was shipped. Hopefully I’ll reveive them on Thursday, May 26. Delays probably due to Covid- like everything else that is poor service

John Staton

Oct 23, 2017
The Woodlands, TX
we have all gotten to used to Amazon, lol. And hey, I can relate getting excited about ordering something for my 60 and having it take longer than I wanted (Wits end glove box, Carthart seat covers, 3D printed cup holder, DNP carpet kit, etc....). I have learned to order crap way ahead of when I want to do a project and for tshirts and such I just order and forget about it.....then its like a surprise gift in the mail.

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