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Dec 23, 2011
Orange County, NY
Ladies and gents, I started similar threads in only two other forums. I am offering my services to help anyone willing to bring their trucks over to perform maintenance, repairs, upgrades etc. at reduced rates. I will go ahead and perform your first oil change free with your own supplies, and your first brake service for $5 bucks per wheel with your own supplies as well. I am also debating possibly travelling to your place to service your vehicle in your own garage/ driveway. (Still debating this)
The offer is only valid for Mud members and I only work on Toyota trucks!
Happy cruising.
I'm in Middletown. I am working on a mud member's truck, starting Monday. Doing a clutch and rear main replacement.
Just completed a clutch and rear main job on @cruiserheaven's truck. Godzilla, as I have called it is ready to go!


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