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Mar 26, 2007
Well I been doin more lookin on ye ol web, and I'm findin the price I'm askin for the ol rustbucket ( actually a really nice 1991 landcruiser TD ) is a wee bit exorbitant - eventhough it was just the asking price.
Can anyone explain why for example Outback imports sell landcruisers for about 24 000$, and Tyee imports from Cambell river sell the seemingly same trucks for 15000$.
In any case, what would be a fair price for my vehicle. I put a new stereo in it and all, if that makes any difference.
I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. I have seen lots of importers/curbers list vehicles way below other vehicles. However, like BJ70_Guy says, they don't do hardly anything - if anything - to prep the vehicles. They do just enough to get it passed the OOP VI. I really don't care about the stereo. I want to know what condition the drive train and body is in. One engine, tranny or turbo rebuild and I can by a lot of mods beyond a stereo. Only you know what condition your truck is in and hence the asking price. People like Crushers at Luxury Import ask more because they only sell the cream of the crop and offer a full warrenty. A smart buyer looking at a private sale or an unknown dealer will also make sure s/he gets an independent inspection of the vehicle before parting with their hard earned cash. My $0.02.
mileage, options ie lockers alot of 80s that are 15,000 are 3 out of 5 , 20,000 plus are a 4 out of 5 also some outfits like LUXURY or OUTBACK change the big end bearings on the 90-91 1hd and 1hz engines in 92 the mains wre better. Those dealers also change all fluids rad, tranny, diffs, transfer case, engine, brake fluid replace all belts and suspension bushings. MOST vehicles from curbers would NOT PASS INSPECTION unless they are cruiserheads. CAVEAT EMPTOR excuse spelling
aaron kuit
It costs $$$$$$$ to properly prep most Cruisers
rad hoses, rad, seals, fluids, tires, bearings, lights and proper markers all cost money

I've seen a lot of CRAP from the low buck resellers
I would be hesitant to buy a cruiser from just anyone... I have heard rumours about one guy installing legal lights and then switching them after the inspection.

You definitely get what you pay for. The more expensive prices are by guys covering there asses with these vehicles. After reading thousands of threads on here and over lookin a few sections I can say the honest guys do what they need to do, others are in it for a buck. Most of the vehicles being sold are by people who don't care about the community or who they sell to. They sell Prado's with out warnings that the heads are s***. Etc.

I WOULD buy from Wayne. He is Luxury imports. He liked the Prados, but admitted their faults to everyone and will not sell them.

After reading is posts and meeting him, I know he's OK. I have never bought from him. But I will.
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change the big end bearings on the 90-91 1hd and 1hz engines in 92 the mains wre better. CAVEAT EMPTOR aaron kuit

Incorrect imo. We have seen engines past these dates with issues on the connecting rod bearings, and there are many reports from overseas it did not stop in 1992. And some reports up until the HD-FT. Not as common, but still there. Seems to be ACL's and good to go. IMO the reputable importers will continue changing them out past the 1992 build date.


edit...oh, and Marko is a good guy too. He is one of a number of vendors who look after the vehicles, doing what needs to be done to make them turn key and problem free.
thanks i guess i am still living in 06 ill get with it thanks

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