Land cruise rear bumper with swing out tire carrier & gas can holder NEW $900

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Jan 26, 2016
Call 9546954004
Free metal gas can
Rear bumper with swing out tire carrier and gas can holder
I have for 80 & 100 series
Same price
Same style


Hey there. It would be my first shipment of rear bumpers for land cruisers. It's arriving second week in July. I'll have more specs then. It's exactly like the picture tho. Tire swing out, gas can swing out, lights. It weighs somewhere around 150-175 pounds. I do have some pics of it on a 80 series but not the best quality. Do have a email or number I can't text them to ?

Call or text me with any questions 9546954004
Instagram : @Soflobumpers
Facebook : soflobumpers
eBay: mper7347
(Please keep in mind eBay prices are higher than if you buy directly because eBay charges 10% in fees)
Thank you
How much assembly is required? Can you post pictures of the bumper as it would arrive after shipping?

The lights are very different from the once in the original picture, as is the location of the swing out carrier. (On the eBay listing)

Are the lights combination brake/back-up and turn signal/back-up?

I realize theses are imported, but what is the "brand" and where are they made?

Are the four pintle hitch holes usable?

Can you provide any references? I'd LOVE to buy one of these, but I'd like to get a review from someone who's installed one.
The one in the picture is the 100 series model. I did not have pics of the 80 so I used it as reference. I'll ask a customer if you can call him and I'll give you his number
The bumper comes in 3 pieces. The bumper & the two swing outs. Of course it comes with the mounting hardware
I'll ask a customer if you can call him and I'll give you his number

OK, thanks.

The one in the picture is the 100 series model. I did not have pics of the 80 so I used it as reference.

I'm still kinda confused. The original post from June 13th clearly shows a 100, which is fine. Yesterday you posted two pictures of an 80, which is also fine. However, neither of them are the same as the one from your eBay listing that I posted this morning.

I looked around and found the MCC sticker on a picture and tracked down their website. Looks like the bumpers are made in Thailand and are mostly marketed in Australia. I only found one mention of them over on EP, from a guy in NZ who said the front he got was pretty much an exact copy of the ARB but 1/2 the price.

I'm still curious about the lights. Are they just red and amber, or is the outer ring white? Frankly, they're really ugly and don't match the 80 style at all...

Like Haring, I'd like to know the wall thickness as well. Maybe get a few un-mounted close ups of the welds and such.
I did not measure the thickness. The weight is 135 pounds. The brand of the bumper isnt Mcc. The 100 series model that I have looks identical like the Mcc. The 100 series model weighs 185 pounds. The 80 series model that I have is the one shown on the Lexus lx450. That is one of my customers. I buy directly from manufacturers in China. And my eBay ad has for the 80 has pic of the Lexus and the 100 ad has the Mcc. I'll have more of my customers pics within a week. Only 1 - 80 in stock and only 2- 100 in stock
I ordered it with the red and amber light as shown like the Mcc but they sent the clear lens.
Good price, good features....janky lights and cheesy diamond plate. Sooooo close.
Anyone order one of these? Any feedback on installation?

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