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Jan 30, 2003
All over Arizona
Howdy! I posted this on the big board, but, I know some of you don't read that very often. Read this and go to the link and vote NO, then send it to everyone you can. Please. John

To All……

PLEASE vote NO on this issue. I know it’s involving New Mexico and not our/your state but if this BS passes in NM you can be assured we will soon be facing the same issues. It’s easy to do and takes less than a minute!!!

THANKS !!! Sandee

Please pass on to your mail lists or boards.

The Sierra Club and a few Indian tribes are pressing for a federal 'Traditional Cultural Properties' (TCP) designation on 660,000 acres of US Forest Service public land outside the town of Grants New Mexico. This would give a handful of Indians the right to oppose multiple use on public land. This involves the Navajos and some very small 'pueblo' tribes of just a couple of thousand people (Laguna, Acoma, and Zuni Pueblos). Mt Taylor rises to 11,301 feet above sea level. The tribes are claiming all the land on Mt Taylor above 7300 feet is a 'living being' according to native beliefs.

The TCP would give the tribes the power to try to force the Forest Service to manage the land in accordance with their 'spiritual beliefs'.

If the tribes get the TCP designation, they can ask the Forest Service to ban other uses in order to protect their 'living being' mountain. Our American ethic is to respect all religion, but not to favor any. This TCP would be an act of blatant discrimination in favor of a very few people, at the expense of the entire American public.

Mt Taylor is popular with hikers, mountain bikers and is a major elk hunting area as well as OHV enthusaists. There are ranchers with grazing permits, and mining leases. ALL of these legitimate uses are threatened by the TCP.

Before you think this is too ridiculous to be possible, realize that the Washoe tribe in California got the Forest Service to ban rock-climbing on a popular rock face on public land. The ONLY reason given by the Indians is they claim the touch of the climbers body was hurting the spirit of the rock. (see link at the bottom for the issue on Cave Rock, at Lake Tahoe).

The newspaper in Grants, New Mexico is running the poll again, and this time the enviros are cranking out the responses. Their votes are tilting the results in favor of the Traditional Cultural Properties. (TCP) federal designation for Mt Taylor. Please help us PUSH BACK with our "NO" votes.

We all need to vote AGAIN. The poll now is 64% NO. Yesterday our side had it as 90% NO. The enviros are working harder than we are now on this. And it is a new day and we can all vote again – yes, unbelievable.

The link is Cibola County Beacon - Front The poll is on the lower left corner of the webpage.

I know alot of you have extensive email distribution lists. Please keep passing this around and ask everyone you know to vote NO on the TCP. This takes less than 20 seconds to help the fight for keeping public lands open.

Remember, public land near you could be next. If the tribes are successful with these strategies, we will be seeing more and more of these attacks on public land.

Read about how a TCP can be used against recreation, at:

Outline for Access Fund Backgrounder on Cave Rock closure
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Cave Rock leads to an exchange of power between the rock and climbers that. affects the materials of the TCP [Traditional Cultural Property]; the rock has ... - Similar pages
Done and passed on.

Thanks for posting this up.:cheers:
As of this post it is 57% no/43% yes in favor of TCP - swinging the wrong way...
great post and thanks for the heads up...
we all need to get more involved in in land issues to protect the right to access the backcountry
58% - 32% against.
(I voted against, just so you know.)

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