LA to Lake Powell and back

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Jan 30, 2006
Paris, France
So I'm heading to Lake Powell with family (6 people in the 80:bounce:) and back next Friday for a 10 day trip from LA, through Vegas, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Page and Grand Canyon. Will do some minor offroading from Kodachrome Basin to Page through Cottonwood Canyon and also on the northern shore of Lake Powell, weather and road conditions permitting. Do you guys know how those trails look right now? :cheers:
have fun!

IIRC on the East (? - I'm thinking on the far side coming from the PRK) side of LV , close to the city limits, there is an area of desert where people go have fun over hills
Not sure about Southern Utah but a little further north we got snow this weekend!

Yep, saw that, high 10s or low 20s in Bryce and possible snow early next week:eek:. Zion is lower in altitude and gets 60s. Fortunately we're not camping this time.
I did cottonwood a few years back and it was a well maintained road. There is a BLM office in Escalante that would be able to tell you if the road has been graded this year or if it even needed it. There is another road (Smokey Mountain rd.) which leaves from Escalante to Big Water which is much nicer when it comes to views. It rides on the ridges more and you get to see the grand staircase from higher up. The road quality is not as nice as cottonwood so it goes a little slower but it was not difficult last time I was on it. If you want to park next to the lake, there is a road off of Smokey Mountain which goes down a creek bed to Warm Creek Bay. It is a few miles north of Big Water and was only high clearence. Big Water is just 10 miles west of Page.
Well, we're back and it was a blast! Did 1,540 miles of driving in 10 days total. We had a wonderful weather all the way, save around Bryce Canyon and Page: snow showers and cold, windy weather (see pic). I didn't want to take any chances with thunderstorms looming over Kodachrome and Cottonwood, especially with two very young kids in the backseats, so I drove down from Bryce through Kanab. Hopefully we'll travel Escalante in the near future. Awesome region.

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