KZJ78 Transfer case rear output shaft bearing

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Apr 20, 2020
After replacing the whole front-end wheel bearings etc, I still have the rumbling that I thought was the wheel bearings. So now I think it is the rear transfer case output shaft bearing. I have removed the rear prop shaft and the noise has gone. I can move the prop shaft flange at the gearbox end up and down! I will replace the prop shaft universal joints as a matter of course. My question is…is it possible to replace the bearing with the gearbox in the car? Or do I need to remove it and strip it down? Maybe I need to get it done by a gearbox specialist? Can anyone recommend one in the south of England? Any advice gratefully received.

I had the same rumbling noise when I first got my LJ78, it turned out that both front and rear output shaft bearings in the transfer case were badly pitted. It's not too bad of a job to replace them, but it does require disassembling the transfer case and using a shop press to get the bearings off the shaft. The transfer case can be disassembled on the vehicle. Do you have the service manual? I would strongly recommend downloading a copy before starting the job.
The transfer case can be stripped right down in the vehicle. However IMHO It's much easier to pull out the whole gearbox/transfer combo, then you can stand that on end to work on which makes the job hugely easier. Unfortunately you can't remove/refit the transfer from the gearbox without taking the transfer right apart.

As above, you'll need a press & get a manual - the transfer case isn't rocket science to rebuild but you do need to check & shim for correct bearing free play.


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