Knuckle rebuild in progress...

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Aug 21, 2003
Tijeras, NM
I'm in the middle of rebuilding my knuckles and have everything out including the spindle bushings. If anyone is curious as to what the heck is in there and how easy everything comes out, drop on by. I should be able to get the driver side done tonight and will start on the passenger side.

BTW, anyone have four trunion bearings handy? I need at least two for sure. The lower bearings got water penetration (see thread on Spindle Bushing) I need them tonight and the closest guy who has a set is Motion Industries in Cicero! Here's the number off the bearings: KOYO HI CAP 30304AJR

edit: I ordered the bearings from Motion and will pick them up tonight. They're open till 2am!

312-286-4020 cell

email: alia176 at yahoo
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Yeah, I bet you haven't seen one of those! My a$$ :)

Yeah, got all tools, thanks. Got the most important tool of all, BFH.
The U-joints fixed the clanging noise. It was a few days later that the vibration showed up. It starts about 30-35 and goes away about 55-60. It only happens when power is on. Neutral and deaccell does not vibrate.

I rotated tires, checked phase and all that. On Weds I fixed the center locker again and removed the rear driveshaft. It seems to have cured it.

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