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Apr 25, 2019
Cuenca, Ecuador
My new to me HZJ73 has 2 different keys and it's driving me nuts. The original toyota key is good for the ignition only and the "other" key only opens the driver's door and the fuel door. I have no idea where the key is for the passenger door, the rear door and the glove box. Looking for advice. Should I just order this key set? - Lock Cylinder Set for 70 Series Land Cruisers or seek out a locksmith to put all of the cylinders back to factory Toyota. Some of the cylinders are no longer flush with the body so I am wondering how I should fix that as well. Any and all advice is appreciated in advance and thanks for all the comments on my intro thread. Glad to be here.
If Beno can't hook you up, the usual suspects like Partsouq, Megazip or Amayama. I bought a full set for my Troopy for $160 or $180, one of those prices. Came with new keys and everything.

If you can't find it for your model look at different years/trims of 70. I ended up using a HZJ78 part number I think.

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