Just pulled the trigger on an 01 LX470

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Jun 10, 2006
Looks like I'm joining the club. I used to have a built 99 4Runner but traded it a while back for a pathfinder, I've been wanting another Toyota ever since. I had been looking for an 03 or newer Land Cruiser for several months but today I ran across an 01 LX470 I couldnt pass up-- it literally looks like it could be a new car inside and out. It has 124k miles but I pulled the service history off lexus.com and it was perfect. Timing belt and water pump replaced in the last 1,000 miles.

Be looking for a build thread, it wont stay stock for long. Running boards are coming off immediately. TJM front bumper, sliders and 33's are in my future. I'll probably wait for the AHC to give before I put an OME lift on it. I am a bit concerned wheeling a car this clean in the skinny trails in the southeast.

Dealer pic


And my old 4Runner for good measure

Congrats and welcome. Took my 98 lx to Black Mountain trails in Harlan Ky last weekend. The trails were definitely built for skinny jeeps! A few good pinstripes.


This is me coming down the lower rock garden.


This is going up lower rock garden.
I am not too built up but I had to show the jeepers what the lx was capable of. They were amazed.


Damn man I am impressed! That picture of my 4Runner was actually taken at a TTORA event at Harlan in 09 or so. I took my 4Runner down that same rock garden and it wasnt easy, and it was locked f & r on 35's. Good s***.

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