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Aug 11, 2004
"Just another cruiser inch please"

In the past, I have suspected my landcruiser was always more important than my home. Most days-off start with the pondering thought, "should I tackle the home-to-do list, or should I tackle the LC-to-do list?". The cruiser always wins.

Tonight my suspicions were confirmed.

I spent the day installing my canvas soft top on the 40. It was nearly 70 degrees here in upstate-western NY, so naturally I did the install outside and in my driveway. Upon completion, and after my cool guy test drives, I attempted to pull the truck back in the garage. Thankfully before hopping in the 40, I glanced at the bow-line and thought to myself, "self...that truck looks taller now'...hmmm. My suspicions were confirmed as I slowly pulled into the garage, and watched the center bow rise higher than the garage line.

SO naturally, when one must make the decision between home and cruiser...cruiser wins. All I needed was 1/2" to fit, and it so happens the trim work flanking my garage in such an aesthetically pleasing way, was exactly 1/2". I suppose the cruiser based solution would be to air down every time I needed to pull in/out. NOPE. Bye Bye upper trim work! Hello dry and protected cruiser!

Let's see if my wife notices the 'mod' to our garage tomorrow when she comes home from work...

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I believe you have made a very wise decision, I am sure if it were me, The chain saw would have been flying around,,,:D
I did the exact same thing with my garage door for the 45. It wouldn't fit after installing new springs so I took the trip off. I figure the springs will settle a bit and I'll be able to put the trim back up some day. I can drop the tire pressure down to 15 psi and it will fit with the door trim in place but that's a big PITA to air up/down.
Guess I was lucky (or my 40 isn't as tall), just had to remove the inside garage door handle.

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