July Long Weekend '08 - Roche Lake

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Granite Grinder

Feb 2, 2005
Falkland, BC, Canada
What's the plan?
Im in wherever, whatever
how about?

the Roche Lake area?
July first is less than a month away, I guess we will find out more at next meeting.
Is this Roche lake east of merrit? Near Hosli lake?

I'd like to come on a run one of these days, now that I've found this forum I'll start paying attention.:)


One and the same... your more than welcome to come along. Stay tuned.
We've been to hosli multiple times, beautiful spot, nice country. Didn't explore too much, mostly fished, is there any good wheelin around there or would the trip be exploration and camping?

Haven't taken my truck up the coq. since I installed the pyro and turned the fuel down. I've since added a bunch of weight as well, it's goin to be a slow climb.:doh:
I am going to go ahead and annoy some people, during the last trip to Roche we explored almost all of the trails in that area, because of the time of year that it was the trails were nice and challenging, going up this long weekend might be too dry and not nearly as fun. I am not sure I want to go again in there again, but would rather explore something new. If I do get convinced otherwise I do have almost all the trails in that area on GPS now scouted.
There was another big dump of snow the night before last. Just a skiff of it on the Hope-Princeton at Allison Pass and Sunday Summit. Anywhere a couple hundred feet above Sunday Summit is a winter wonder land. Further east towards Hedly and Keromos, the snow level is a lot lower at about 1700'. I was speaking with a logger friend yesterday in Princeton and the bush is still closed down for spring break-up. :eek: No one remembers a spring break-up this long lasting. Last weekend they were sledding up at Wells and Lodestone. The road is passable with the right rig to Wells but there is lots of mud and run-off. He says there is still 3-4' of snow in under the trees at Wells. I expect that anywhere the club goes up high will still have lots of mud and water to play in. The Similkameen still has not freshneted.

My summer got turn upside down yesterday with a call from head office. The Fri-Sat of the long weekend, I have to be in Ottawa for work. And then from the Jule 14 or 15 until the Aug long weekend I am being sent to Ecuador. Sad that I will be missing Cruiser days. I know everyone was looking forward to seeing my rig there. ;p I'll also miss the two long weekned trips. If anyone is interested, maybe on a weekend / weekdays before I go or after we can do some exploring and wheeling around Princeton. Simon (aka Gold Boy) has got some interesting weekend wheeling ideas for the area. I've got 6 weeks from my vacation and OT bank time I need to use up before Sept.
The Similkameen still has not freshneted.

All the rivers seemed to be in freshet on May long weekend, high waters chocolate brown. Maybe it cooled down enough that the snow melt slowed. Here's a pic by Keremeos May long.
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That was the three day heat wave. Freshnet usually runs a couple weeks at least. BTW, the vedder canal was way up over the lower road yesterday morning at the freeway. Hope it gets hot soon cause heating in June is killing the house budget - not to mention what it is doing to global waming.
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I know fuel prices are very high, I would like to go somewhere closer but with more of a chance to explore. Any Ideas ?
Thanks John, You are very handy.
Any guys want to do a day trip on the 29th? I am one of the guys who has to work on the Monday, but I am getting the itch to put a permit on the 60 and go out for a day.
Don't look to squamish for closer wheeling, all the interesting roads are now closed off.
At least Meager hotsprings will be up in July, is that an idea?
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Don't look to squmaish for closer wheeling, all the interesting roads are now closed off. I assume they are also spending a fortune of our money policing the closures.

At least Meager hotsprings will be up in July, is that an idea?

Finally! It took them long enough. The Bridge has been finished since last summer. Forestry says open "late June", do you have a firm opening date?

There's not a lot of wheeling potential in that area AFAIK, it's mostly fairly flat and wide logging mains, and the sidebranches peter out pretty quick and don't go anywhere near treeline.
4-day long weekend?

The July 1 holiday falls on a Tuesday - so for those that can Monday off - its a 4-day weekend

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