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Apr 4, 2003
Hello Folks .. simple pool ..

Intended use, Tencha rear 4 link .. talking about 1 1/4" your vote

Ballistic vs Currie ( or if you have another option / opinion fell free to drop it here )

thanks !

Are rebuildable heims and option?

EMF joints. EMF Rod Ends & Steering Components

After holding both in my hand, (RE joints and Ballistic) no comparison. Expensive. But a really nice piece.
I have the RE joints on my 40 and the Currie jj's on the axle end of the wishbone on my 60. Assembly of the re joints if easier bit tbey both work just fine.
I went with the large because of the nature of my rig (I always think biggers better)
A comparison of some heims joints

Aurora, Trail Gear, EMF large (what I am using) and EMF small Frank (holy s*** these are huge)



I have QA1 rod ends I would be willing to sell you, iirc they are 1.5". I will include everything, ie hardware, misalignment spacers, ect.

If you are interested I can also include 7075 aluminum 2" links.





I will be running JJ in my new truck so don't need this stuff.

Hello Ian .. I'm more inclined to run JJ instead HJ due to nature of Tencha .. JJ structure will work better in my scenario ..
I don't know how soon I'd be doing business with Ballistic.

January 24, 2012
Re-organization of Ballistic Fabrication

For Immediate Release:
Ballistic Fabrication is best known for its outstanding off-road product line and high quality in-house manufacturing capabilities. Ballistic has faced many adversities over the past few years related to inventory, product delivery and customer service. It is well known in the industry that while Ballistic Fabrication continues to supply large amounts of high quality parts worldwide, the aforementioned deficiencies have created longer than usual lead times in shipping and product delivery. These problems have been attributed in part to extremely rapid company growth which in turn led to inventory control issues.

Ballistic Fabrication has partnered with an investor to bring additional financial stability to the company. In an effort to better serve its customers, Ballistic has invested in a state-of-the-art inventory / shop management system. Ballistic will now be able to effectively manage production and inventory of every specific part in their catalog of thousands of part numbers. This information in turn will be reported live to Ballistics customers via the website. Ballistic hopes that this new system alleviates future confusion and issues related to potential backorders. In addition to these improvements, Ballistic now stocks a complete inventory of raw materials on hand. Ballistic hopes that this will alleviate backorders due to raw material supply shortages. Ballistic Fabrication has also found it necessary to restructure specific key personnel in the management and accounting team.
In addition to these changes, Ballistic has filed for Ch11 reorganization in order to restructure its financial obligations. Ballistic Fabrications lawyer stated the following -
“The past few years presented significant economic challenges to Ballistic Fabrication, LLC. Material costs, shipping costs, and the overall economic downturn are only a few factors that played a role in Ballistics decision to file a petition for bankruptcy relief. Contrary to any rumors circulating, Ballistic will not be shutting its doors. Ballistic will be continuing operations while reorganizing its debts and obligations. This process will not affect Ballistics’ ability to produce quality products and to service its customers. Ballistic and all of its dedicated employees are confident that they will emerge a stronger company.”
Ballistic Fabrication would like to thank its many loyal customers for years of support and looks forward to the opportunity to regain its customers trust and becoming the standard of excellence in the off-road industry.

-Ballistic Fabrication Management
Hopefully this will help Ballistic. They have great products but for awhile now have been suffering from poor business management.

I'd be surprised. In my experience venture capitalists rarely improve a business from the customer's perspective.
I'm almost decided on Curries .. they have 2 option .. one more expensive than other .. just can's find the way to justify the expensive ones .. some help ? :D
Hello Folks .. simple pool ..

Intended use, Tencha rear 4 link .. talking about 1 1/4" your vote

Ballistic vs Currie ( or if you have another option / opinion fell free to drop it here )

thanks !


I've used both brands. Both are strong, but the Ballistic Fab joints are much easier to assemble and do maintenance. (And also these can be adjusted, the JJ not).

I recommend the 3" Forget ultra duty Ballistic (or 3" Jonnhy Joint). Not because of greater resistance, but will last longer in good condition.

Saludos Tapage!.

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