IVOAC needs your RHD Cruiser

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Dec 29, 2006
Here's your chance for your RHD Landcruiser to be famous (and maybe you too). If you can help out send Mike a PM. Thx.

Vancouver IVOAC TV Segment - IVOAC.ca Forums


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Vancouver IVOAC TV Segment
I need some people in Vancouver for a TV segment about IVOAC.

I really need some Kei cars / trucks / vans!!!

Please get the word out - if you know somebody that has one of these and isn't on the site, please let them know and contact me.

The TV segment will be filmed either late this week or early next week.
OK, it is going at 1:00PM today at Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam

Anyone can come
The parking lot right in front of the lake (before the star on the map) - Lafarge Lake is just behind Coquitlam Centre on Pinetree Way which intersects Lougheed where it meets St Johns (If you've come on Lougheed past Riverview just go straight when you get to the mall, it becomes Pinetree)

Good on you for making it, Jeff. They picked the only day this week I absolutely couldn't make it.

Hope it doesn't turn out to be another hatchet job...

The guy with the Sambar, I think he bought a 74 a while back. Guess it didn't work out for him, I didn't see it in his list of vehicles.
Sorry Jeff, the Sambar was the star of the segment :grinpimp:

That was relatively balanced. A little more muck thrown at ICBC/CADA would have made me happier though.
I watched the segment and downloaded it. It was pretty good. CADA looked like fools but i wasn't pleased with ICBC getting away with the same lie they used 3 years ago about imported vehicles not having to meet canadian safety regs. While it is true they don't to be imported, but to be registered and insured, they have to meet the safety regulations for their date of manufacture.
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