Its been a plessure fellas

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Jun 30, 2009
Well I will be moving to Florida at the end of this month so I would like to say that it has been a plessure hanging out with you guys. I am finally free for a weekend so I think I am going to go wheeling for my last time here in NC.

Del, Take care of the family and yourself ( Especially at work) and have fun in florida. If your ever up this way again post up. Florida's kinda of flat and swampy, so make sure to extend you axle vents :D If you ever need anything, remember your extended NC family!!!

Cheers :beer: and Godspeed!!
My best wishes to you and your family, Del. Thank you for your service and your sacrifices. I hope this move is rewarding and fulfilling for you and your family, and whenever you're back in the area, please let us know!
Take care Del. Hope the move goes well. Sorry to see you go, but hopefully you can hook up with another good TLCA chapter in your area. Give us a shout if you get a chance to make it back up to NC anytime.
We keep losing good ONSC people! Good luck in Florida, come join us on any ride!
Yes Del, thank you for all you do and your service. Best wishes to you and your family. My in-laws are in Marco Island and I'm sure I'll be down there for a visit or two or three every year. Have fun and don't hesitate to get in touch if in town...:beer:
Del, Take care of your self. If your ever in the area don't hesitate to get ahold of us. Enjoy Florida there is some good fishing down there. Godspeed and Semper Fi.
Del it was great to meet you and I am with everyone else in saying we enjoyed having you and the family around and hopefully this extended family helped get that cruiser back on the road. This just goes to show how rooted this club is and the bond formed for even those who spend just a little time around the group. Del you're always welcome on an ONSC ride. Maybe well see you at one the OBX future rides.
Del, the pleasure has been all ours. Finally moving down to the old Pannhandle, huh? The Eglin/FWB area is really nice, sweet beaches. Keep in touch and if I wind up over in Pensacola, I'll drop you a line.

Take care mang:cheers:
Sorry to see you go brother but that is what the Military is all about. Always a chance to meet new cruiserheads. Like everyone before me on here has said you are more than welcome to give me a hollar if you need something or you are back in the area.
Hate to see you go, but that's life. Drop us a line any time you are back in the state. :grinpimp:
Safe travels Del. Nice to meet you at The Gulches, your 40 seems to be coming along :)
Wish you could have joined us last weekend for a proper send-off. I hope our paths will cross again.

Best wishes to you and your family for health, safety and prosperity.
Thanks for the response guys.
I hated to uproot the family and move them but it is what it is.
I should have to come back for a few schools here on Bragg so I will be sure to bring my 40 with me to sneak in some wheeling. Unfortunately that wont happen for a while as I am getting ready to go back to the box for what I like to call my PAYBACK TOUR...

You knew they were going to do that Brother.

If you ever need anything up here you know where i live.
just remember double tap first then proceed...
Unfortunately that wont happen for a while as I am getting ready to go back to the box for what I like to call my PAYBACK TOUR...

You could just shoot yourself in the foot again:flipoff2: I kid, I kid:D

Lemme know when you head back over, I might be over there again at some point:frown:

Any idea where you are going to live?
My house here in Sanford has not sold so I had to buy a small house in Crestview in the mean time.
Not my first choice for the family but on a good note I can ride my bicycle to work.
I will pm u when I'm getting close to going over there. We will be in the south though.

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