Is your transfer case leaking at the speedometer cable?

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Dec 25, 2010
Camas, WA/Portland
The transfer case in my 1hdt/H55 converted Fj62 started to drip from the speedometer housing. I finally got sick of the drips on my garage floor so I did a little research and ordered the needed parts. This is good for any cruiser with a split TC.

I tackled it this morning and the entire process took 20 minutes or less. I’d put up a thread with some part numbers and such to help out anyone with this same leak.

While ordering the inner seal and outer O ring, I saw Toyota also offered the whole speedo “ “sleeve” also. It was only about $20 so I ordered one of those also. The two ways to do this is to:
1. Order the complete sleeve part #33404-30040.
2. Use the old sleeve and replace the inner seal part #90310-09001 and outer O ring part #90301-18004.

Don’t let this leak intimidate you, even if your a rookie, it’s a 1/2 banana job a most. The most time consuming process was the drain and refill of gear oil. Especially if you buy the complete sleeve Toyota 33404-30040. It comes with both the inner seal and the outer O ring already installed. Here is the new next to the old one.


Hard to tell from the pic, but the old inner seal is worn, leaving the hole slightly larger, causing the gear oil to slowly leak.


Slide the speedo gear into the new sleeve. I smeared a little gear oil on the outer O ring. Guide it in so the gears mesh up. It takes a little push to seat the sleeve with the new O ring. Then reinstall the retainer tab and 12mm bolt. Thread the speedometer cable back on.

Refill the transfer case with 2.1 liters of gear oil and your done.

Whyd you have to drain the fluid?
Because if you don't you're gonna get a not-so-fun surprise when you pull that driven gear 😂
My 60 has a similar leak at this spot. But it seems oriented on the TC that it wouldn’t drain or spill out.
It won't dump ALL of the oil out, but you will still spill some and end up with a mess. I assume the 60 case is clocked the same as the 62 case, and mine has the speedo cable connection point slightly lower than the fill plug.

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