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Aug 25, 2013
Mauldin, SC
I just want a chance to introduce myself and let folks know a bit more about me so I'm not the strange creepy guy in the corner with the Tacoma next meeting.

My name is Josh and I live in Greenville, SC. I currently work down at SCTAC (Donaldson Center) with the Army Reserves as a civilian mechanic (HMMWV, HEMTT, 5-Tons, anything that rolls basically and some things that don't). I'm also a Sergeant in the Army Reserves, I was on active duty for 3.5 years up in Ft. Bragg, NC, went to Iraq for 15 months. Came back got out joined the Reserves I've been in for 8 years. I'm originally from Colorado, but have lived in Illinois, South Dakota, Wyoming, North Carolina, and now South Carolina.

Enough about me on to the truck:steer:.

I have a 1998 Toyota Tacoma regular cab with a 2.7L 3RGFE and a W59 5 speed, I originally bought it off of EBAY while I was overseas 6 years ago. It came bone stock with 132k on the clock. Since then I have put on :

2.5" Rough Country suspension lift (Hockey pucks in the front lift shackle in the rear)

Put on and took back off a 3" body lift (got to get low enough to get the wifey in :princess:)

35x12.5R15 BFG ATs with about 60k miles on them

Trail Gear rear bumper, and what started off as a 4xinnovations front winch bumper that has been cut down since I originally bought it for the body lift

Superwinch Epi 9.0, 9,000lb winch (saving up for synthetic line)

Lock Right in the front axle, and just got the Powertrax No-Slip for the rear yesterday (WOO HOO!!! :D)

Electric radiator fan out of a 2001 Chrysler Concord (dual 12"), Hayden thermostat control.

New timing chain last Christmas (what a pain)

Odds and end and 201,000 miles still going strong.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and getting a chance to get out and wrench and wheel.
Welcome! :beer:
Welcome now post pics!
Here is some of what has happened with the truck since I originally bought it.

Tacoma june 21 2008.jpg

Marcus 020.jpg

Poker Run 2012 082 - Copy.JPG

Christmas & Timing Chain 045.jpg

Christmas & Timing Chain 001.jpg
Welcome to the madness.

When you decide to do the winch line hit Steve up. He's a club member and owner of Southeast Overland. I would imagine he can beat anyone else's price and can custom make any length you need.

Where were you in Iraq? I spent a year out in Al Anbar training Iraqi police. Mostly Hit, Haditha, and Barwana.
I was in COB Speicher / Tikrit,Iraq in 2006-2007. I was in an Apache Battalion with the 82nd, worked in the motorpool the whole 15 months, learned a lot about turning wrenches and playing HALO stuck with turning wrenches :).
Glad to have another Taco in the club. Would love to see how it clears 35's with a spacer lift.
Photo of me in Petersen's 4 Wheel Drive magazine at the last Clemson 4 Wheel Drive Poker Run.

35's barely fit, actually looking to step down to 33's. Cut fenders in rear tires fit fine, lots of rubbing in the front (insert the obligatory that's what she said quote). Could perform the pinch weld mod and cut out some more space for the tire to fit but with a locker in the front and one getting ready for the rear 33's will help my axles survive better too.
That's cool! I bet you pissed most of those guys off lol.
Especially all the guys with Pro Rock 60's, brand new JK Wrangers, and big V8s, $$$.

I've got less than $10k in my truck including purchase price, all while rocking the four banger :steer:.

All that said I'm still surprised my Tacoma made it in there, there is a place for underpowered Toyota's out there in the big world after all.

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