Introducing myself (Carl) and some extra stuff

Jun 14, 2006
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Introducing myself and looking for feedback...

First of all, thanks to the many posters of problems/fixes. I have lurked for a while on this forum and found many useful threads.

I've owned my 1991 FJ80 since 1999 when I picked up a used one with 140K on it. It now has 193K on it and going strong. I'm not a "mudder" per se, as I use my rig for basic transport but it's a tank and very reliable, for the most part. I could do without the 11 MPG but that's another issue.

What I have gleaned off this forum and fixed (thank you)

1. Slow windows..removed door panels, cleaned, fixed a couple windows that came off their tracks, figured out a way to refurbish the door panel trim fasteners (gorilla glue).

2. Replaced the sunroof glass with a used one from cruiserparts. Original one cracked.

3. Replaced the front bumper. Fender bender. New one has the winch hole but was only 40$ unused!

4. Had the shafts regreased/rebalanced/new OEM U-joints due to a DS vibration. Much better now. This forum helped me greatly diagnosing this problem.

5. Had the front axle rebuilt by a local shop ( new birfs/ used 3rd member). As you can tell, I am not a mechanic..I'm an airline pilot with basic wrenching skills. And basic tools. And no garage so I am a fair weather fixer.

6. Replaced the DS mirror with a used one. Mine had the rattle/ loose post problem.

Latest project: replacing the antenna with a used one..including the coax cable. The cable routing was the biggest problem today but I came up with a unique fix that I thought I would share. The old antenna broke and I had temmporarily fixed the inner working with the rebuild kit. Unfortunately the antenna would not retract fully (stuck up an inch or so) after I rebuilt it. Just found a used one from a junkyard which works perfectly so decided to replace the entire unit. Here's where I ran into trouble: The old antenna cable was jammed behind the dash somewhere. I was planning on just attaching some electrical wire to the old one, pull it through, attach the new cable to the wire and pull it back through. But the cable wouldn't was jammed so tight that I eventually broke it by tugging too hard. After trying to dismantle the dash to limited succes..too many screws..too many parts behind the glove compartment and the cable is behind them all....I finally decided I didn't want to remove everything so I had to find an alternate routing for the new (used) antenna cable. So ...I fed it through A/C drain plug (fed it between the plug and the hose) and it's actually long enough to snake back to the head unit without needing an antenna cable extension. I know I have potentially opened myself up to water leaking in through this seal/plug but it's actually a tight fit. Thought I might throw this fix out there for discussion as to the pros and cons of doing it this way. Tomorrow morning I need to re-assemble the dash as I ran out of daylight.

I'll try and attach a picture of my FJ...if I can figure out how to do it. And thanks again for all the good information on here for us :banana: people!

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Feb 2, 2005
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The 3FE creates a passion for real Land Cruisers, it's the last one that 'feels' like a Land Cruiser should...glad to see that you're happy with it, and have gotten done some of the tougher little repairs already.

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