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Sep 12, 2020
Hi All-
I finally had a good reason to join the Forum. There has been an 88 fj62 parked in front of an abandoned house down the street from me for 15 years. My avatar is my son standing next to the truck when he was 3--now he's 17. That's how long I've been admiring it. Well, I just got the keys last week after applying steady pressure for many years on the son of the original owner. The truck has 66K but is now in considerably worse condition. I'm the definition of a Noob but I'm nonetheless excited to start working on it. First I have to get it started...I look forward to learning from all of your expertise!

Welcome! I dig 60 series and we love pics :D

But I would post in the 60 series area ;) This is 80's tech meaning the model not the year.



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