Intro: Ford Transit Off-Grid/Road Home (1 Viewer)

Jun 11, 2021
So I've purchased a 2021 Ford Transit to create a comfortable off-road home with the ability to carry an E-dirtbike to explore more of this beautiful country. I was luck enough to redirect my career path towards one that takes me around the country. I realized i would need to have a comfortable living space for the time im in work mode, but i also wanted something that i could take off the trail and not be confined to campgrounds and RV parks. I spent quite a few years balancing between labor and love in reference to my employment. I worked in the marine industry on yachts and sport-fishing boats, taking advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the freedom and travel, nut sadly the marine industry doesn't pay nearly as well as industrial/energy maintenance. So here i am decisively choosing labor but in a form that i could love. Keeping the theme of freedom and travel at the heart of the path.

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