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Aug 12, 2013

I tried searching for relevant info on what is happening to me but I could not find anything. I am having pretty significant power loss and backfiring after about 15 minutes on the road.

The first 15 minutes it runs relatively smooth. Sometimes I can drive around and its fine, other times its a really rough idle and limps around when I start it - very inconsistant.

I just drove my 84 FJ60 across Canada last month with no issues (apart from blowing a tire). Once I had reached my destination some problems started happening. One day after it was running very rough I popped the hood and could obviously hear sparks happening. The car would not start the next day for about a week, and it took replacing spark plug wires and a new cap for it to successfully fire up. The problem (I think) appears to be at my coil. When its idling you can hear a buzz - upon further examination I noticed that there is a spark jumping from where the wire attached to the coil from the dizzy onto the nut (attached picture is the spark, its hard to see in the picture but its there).

I am not experienced with cars really, I have been learning a little bit here and there since I got this vehicle. I believe this is a problem though, and wondering if it could be a cause of such significant power loss and backfiring? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!

the coil is brand new before our trip, new cap, spark plugs, plug wires, rotor replaced before trip. It was an awesome adventure in this car!!!!!

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Dec 16, 2007
San Antonio, Tx
awesome picture, i had to clean off my computer screen to see it, you must of video'd that and pulled the frame right? anyways sorry for getting off topic. It looks like your coil boot is definitely creeping off the coil and arc over which is not good. The plastic coil cover helps keep the boot on so try popping off the cover resetting the boot or wire and putting the cover back on to hold it tight. Hope this helps

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