Installing Jim C's desmog idler pulley.

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Jul 20, 2009
Miami, FL
Does anyone have a pic of Jim's idler pulley installed? I got his kit quite awhile back and heavily tore apart an 83 2F for a desmog and have a pile of parts all over everywhere. Then I had to put it on hold. Now that I'm back on it I'm fumbling with the pulley and can't seem to figure it out. A pic would really help. Thanks!
Sorry for the double post. I meant to post here first but this will work. Thanks.
Taking a gamble that I am posting the correct pixs. I picked up one from him a month plus ago and its installed in my '87 fj60.

Once I had it in I did not over tighten the tensioner. Then every few days if it squealed (most often going uphill in when down shifting) I would stop and tighten one full turn as JimC directed. I had to do this a handful of times and now its not squealing at all. Takes time for the belt to settle into place. @Steamer
Ah! Thank you. I've Got it now. Since I have the alternator, water pump, ac compressor and the air pump removed (long time ago), I was confused on the belt layout. I was thinking the air pump & the PS pump mated together. Your pic did it. Thanks.
Reviving an old thread (I promised I searched).

I’m working to install the idler pulley on my ‘85. Smog pump out, pulley in, BUT I have 1/4” to 1/2” gaps for each bolt and nut on both the pulley bearing and lower mounting bolt. I don’t think this is supposed to be the case.

My thought was just to throw some washers on the back end so there’s no wiggle room and no chance the bolt and pulley move and interfere with the belts.

Thoughts/ideas or am I just installing it incorrectly?



Did this get worked out?

The big 19mm/34" hex nut is self locking, so it has to be wrenched on pretty hard, but it will tighten down. There should be no gap, as in the yellow circle.

IDK why the lower pivot bolt is way too long. It passes through the pivot bracket, idler and bracket. Regardless of the idler, it goes through the front & rear ears of the pivot bracket on the engine. For the stock bolt to be out the back of the pivot as pictured, it would have to be not in the front eye of the bracket?
Sorry for the delay in coming back to this- covid/divorce and all that good stuff. Jim, you're definitely right about me having needed to wrench down harder on the 19mm bolt. However, for the pivot bolt, it measures 6". I'm wondering if I had somehow swapped it with another bolt I had laying around.

Does anyone have the dimensions of the bolt needed for the idler pulley? I was hoping to be able to just grab one off the shelf, as it's one of those "but I know that it's not right" kind of things.

Thanks y'all.

Welcome back!

You need the bolt from your old smog pump. It's ~ 5 3/8" but as short as 5 1/4" will work, measured from the top of the bolt head.


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