Installing factory sunroof

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Frame waxer
Apr 5, 2003
Southern NH
Doing a frame-off on my '87 pickup, one thing I've always wanted was a factory sunroof, so I want to install one. Keep in mind that I'm pretty much a newbie at bodywork, but I'm a pretty confident welder. First thing I want to do the cab is get the sunroof grafted in.

I have an entire roof cut from a 4Runner with a factory sunroof, and all the parts (some in triplicate). My idea is to cut the sunroof out of the 4Runner roof leaving maybe 1-1/2" - 2" of flange all the way around. Then cut a hole in the cab roof, but about 1/2" smaller all the way around. Then I was gonna use something like this:


Flanger And Hole Punch Combination Tool

to flange the roof of the cab down and make a "ledge" for the sunroof to drop into. I was also thinking I would punch holes in the flange, then plug weld the holes to the underside of the sunroof cut. Probably also do some short stitch welds on the top side, then grind and fill the seam.

Will this work? Or will the seam crack open again?

Should I just butt-weld the joint together, with a bunch of short stitch welds?


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