Installation Instructions LJ73

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Feb 23, 2015
I'm Luca and I'm Italian.
I have a Toyota Land Cruiser LJ73 1987 FRP Top.
I have buy a BEST TOP Soft Top, but now I don't know very weel how to mount it.
Someone have any advice or techinacl drawing mounting?
Thanks very much

G'day Luca do you have any links for the best top soft top that will help. Does it have studs or does it bolt down.
Sorry Ozcruiser, but I'm searching instruction, because I haven't they :(:(
Hello Luca

I'm from france and i look for a soft top for my kzj73 . Where do you find yours ?

Hi, Nice ride.

If you look at this page, I have made a 3d model of the frame for the soft top:

I also made a PDF drawing of the tube parts and it can be downloaded here:


Is this the same one as the top? I've tried to order one from them and they no longer have the full kits for sale.

Those drawings are great btw. Thanks.
Hi, I have bought from a private here in Italy.
It is no longer available . Before I find it , I looked everywhere but there is no one who sells it.
Beno bought a new top for his 70 I think,afaik the 73 never came from the factory with a softop.

Well I don't know if the 73/74 /came from the factory/ with them, but there is most definitely OEM Toyota 73/74s with a soft top--I've seen them in south America. Yes, OEM Toyota. :) I also have all the part numbers for OEM Toyota 73/74 soft tops, bows, and all other hard parts. (Most of which is available new in Japan still.) It's just a bit pricey for a complete conversion to soft top from hard top for a 73/74 (~$4000+ USD). It's also not a trivial thing to convert from soft top to hard top or vice versa (there's a nice thread on here from Wayne where he converted from soft top to hard top on a 70/71.)
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