IMS shocks/noise help

Sep 13, 2008
fayetteville, wv
already posted this on another forum but was hoping to get some more eyes on it because im all out of ideas or things to try at this point.

TLDR at bottom lol

First off, I dont usually post much about issues I have with car parts and this thread is not to bash anyone or place any fault anywhere. I am truly hoping to find something Ive missed or get other ideas of something to look at to figure out where this noise is coming from. I really like the ride and how much better my truck handles with these shocks and would love to solve the issue.

I installed these (all 4) back in the summer and put about 4k miles on them before the noise in the rear started. It started off as a small, light clunk and it progressively got worse until the clunk was there all the time. It basically sounded like something hitting the floor or like a blown strut sounds in a car. I figured it was my old 300k mile control arms so bought all new OEM uppers and lowers, OEM track bar, OEM sway bar links and bushings and replaced all of it, nothing changed. I figured theres no way the new shocks are making noise so i didnt even look at them to start with.

I laid under the truck and had someone rock the truck up and down and i could feel the clunk in the shocks and axle housing so i took one at a time off. The noise lessened with one removed and completely went away with both removed. I put them back on and the noise returned. (I made sure all the bushings were in the correct order, and everything has been tightened with wheels on the ground under the full weight of the truck.) I contacted dobinsons and sent the rear shocks back to them to be looked at. They said they couldnt find anything wrong other than the lower bushing sleeves that I beat up removing the shocks 3 or 4 times through all the troubleshooting so I paid to have those replaced just in case.

For the few weeks while the shocks were shipped out, I picked up some old, used bilsteins locally (since i had trashed all my old stuff) so i could keep driving my truck to work. The rear suspension is completely noise free with these old shocks on it.

Got the shocks back a couple weeks ago, put them on and the noise was gone. Well, they made it about a week and the noise came back. Im basically out of ideas at this point and have been told that theres no way the shocks are making noise so i figured i would post here to see if anyone had any other ideas or something theyve come across with other suspensions.

new shock noise started after 4k mi, rebuilt shocks, noise came back a week later.
no noise with old shocks on the rear.
All rear control arms, track bar, sway bar links and bushings with new OEM
Newer Dobinsons springs at all 4 corners
All bolts have been checked and rechecked on entire rear suspension
Nothing was tightened before truck was sitting on the ground and all bushings are in the correct order.
No rear noise with old shocks put on.
thanks in advance for any input or ideas

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