Importing OEM Steel Wheels to Australia

Jul 21, 2018
Brisbane, Australia
Hey there,

I really love the look of the black oem steel wheels with the chrome hub caps you Americans run on all your trucks. (16x5.5 Tubeless with Clips)

They are basically non-existent in Australia and so I would like to import a set.

Because these tires are your bread and butter I was hoping for some info on where to get them and what would be the cheapest option.

These are my two options to my knowledge:
City Racer LLC which works out to be 4 for $1815.60AUD inc. postage. (non-genuine)
16" Wheels / Rims for Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 FJ55 FJ60 70 Series
Toyota Parts Deal 4 for $1538.65AUD inc. postage. (genuine)
42601-60262-03 - Genuine Toyota WHEEL, DISC

Is there any cheaper options out there?

Also unrelated, could some one tell me what the tire size and lift is on this:
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