I'm a fan of POR-15 and have used it a lot on various things - not yet tried Hirsch equivalent

Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
However the tin design changed a while back and the way the lids on the 0.946 L tins fit is different and they do not open with a simple lever device like any normal paint tin.

is there a proper special tool for opening POR-15 tins? And can the lid be re-fitted after getting out the required quantity of paint to form a full air-tight seal again? With the older ones (using normal paint tin lid design) I've always used a few layers of cling film from the kitchen when putting the lid back on and that formed a good seal.

Does the Hirsch paint (basically the same as POR-15) come in the very same sort of tins? Can the POR-15 and Hirsch Miracle paint products be used fully interchangably btw or is the chemisty just that little bit different that they're not chemically compatible?

I've got an 80 series front diff housing I need to fully paint before I build it up to replace the damaged one on my 80 currently, and while it's sitting bare it's the best time to deal with the exterior.

Ta, Craig.

PS. Who has experience with the POR-15 aerosol top-coat products? I've used the gloss-white on the lower body sills of my 80 and it's mostly ok, but of course it doesn't stop the body rot that's a bugbear of the vehicle at present.

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